Inchara Skill Development

This program is dedicated to empowering rural youth through technology. We believe that access to technology is essential for education, employment, and entrepreneurship. Our programs provide rural youth with the skills and resources they need to succeed in the digital age. We are committed to bridging the digital divide and creating a more equitable world.
Community Computer Centre Program (CCC)
Digital Literacy Program
Computer Courses and Skills Development
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Information Kiosks and Browsing Centers

Empowering rural communities through technology, the Community Computer Centre Program (CCC) aims to bridge the digital divide and foster sustainable development. By facilitating technology-based learning, enabling digital literacy, and equipping rural youth with the necessary skills, the CCC seeks to transform rural communities into hubs of innovation and opportunity.

The Digital Literacy Program establishes help desks within Community Computer Centre premises, fostering a hub for digital knowledge acquisition. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide by providing free basic computer training to community members, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. By equipping individuals with essential digital skills, we pave the way for inclusive growth and economic opportunity.

Our Computer Courses and Skills Development Program empowers rural youth with the technical expertise and soft skills essential for success in the modern workplace. We offer a range of computer courses at varying levels, catering to diverse skill needs enabling them to create a sustainable source of livelihood for rural youth.
This program aims to address the digital divide by establishing common service centers that provide public internet access, particularly in underserved rural communities. These centers serve as gateways to the digital world, empowering individuals to access information, connect with others, and engage in online activities fostering inclusive growth and enhance the overall well-being of rural communities.

Skill Development Campaigns

SSISM students receive training in high-level programming language​

Our initiative under Curriculum & Skill Development Program was completed on 20th October 2021. The aim of this training is to make the participants industry-ready professionals.​

A batch of 40 students from Sant Singhaji Education Society pursuing their B. Sc. in CS/ BCA received training on JavaScript and NodeJS. We have partnered with Mind Parkour for this training. ​

The overall response of the students to the session was very positive with an attendance of more than 80%. The students attended the 6 weeks training and had to submit a project at the end of the training. An average score of 60% was achieved by the students with more than 30% percent having a score above 70%. At the end of the training session, the students were awarded completion certificates. ​

We wish all the very best to the students!​

Enhancing employability through English language learning and life skills coaching

Inchara is delighted to partner with The/Nudge Foundation for its Future Perfect program for the skill development of youth from underprivileged backgrounds in India. 

Future Perfect program’s mission is to enhance employability among youth in colleges through English language learning and life skills coaching. Along with English speaking, the students also learn other important soft skills like building a resume, preparing for an Interview, career planning, and financial planning. The students get job placements at the end of the program in BPO, Retail, Electrical, and other service sector jobs. are offered as well. It’s a 4-week course, with a 1-hour live class and 1.5 hours of self-learning daily. 

Repurposing E-waste for Education

In 2020 when Incture decided to consolidate two office spaces into a single cohesive unit, the organization was left with a significant number of unused desktops and computer peripherals. The most obvious option was to find out a way to recycle these responsibly. However, that’s when one of our valiant volunteers Sukshitha Rayanagoudar came forward.

Sukshitha’s immediate and extended family has been running a school in the education hub of North Karnataka- Dharwad. Shri Channa Keshav Higher Secondary School caters to primary and secondary school up to grade 10.

Their primary goal is to educate the local children of underprivileged backgrounds and provide a holistic education of subjects including yoga and meditation. They also host extracurriculars and inter-school competitions. With an undeterred enthusiasm, she with other Incture volunteers took all of the redundant desktops, and computer accessories, and set them all up in their school in Dharwad.

During the stretch of the pandemic, Sukshitha and the school have managed to shift towards online education with close to zero fees. Inchara’s donation of desktops and laptops to their education center for students to have access to technology and Wi-Fi.  Sukshitha’s request for technology played a huge role in defining Inchara’s vision to ensure education sustainability.