As part of our Pledge to Plant initiative, it is our pleasure to announce that we partnered with Indus Herbs for a Tree Plantation Drive at Bommasandra Govt Higher Primary School, on December 2nd, on the occasion of @Sachin Verma’s (Founder Trustee) birthday. We are excited to be associated with Indus Herbs team for the plantation drive, whose Founder, T C Ravindra, is a green warrior. He and his team have afforested 300-400 hectares of land in the last 15 years by planting over ~6 lakh trees with a survival rate of 98 percent.

Inchara volunteers and the school children and staff planted 1000 saplings of indigenous medicinal plants from 60 different species during the drive. Few of the species of plants included Mahua, Mango Bakul, Maulsri, Curry Leaf, Coral Jasmine, Indian Trumpet Flower, Indian Beech, Indian Malabar Kino, Indian Sandalwood, South Indian Soapnut, Buddha Coconut, Jamun, Arjun, Baheda, Toon Tree, Malabar Tamarind, Malabar Rosewood and Mysore Fig. Indus Herbs team will nurture the plants and maintain the green space for one year including regular de-weeding, watering all the plants in the park area, trash collection, trimming the hedge plants and training the staff for upkeep and maintenance at the school. The green space will provide rich biodiversity to the surrounding community. It was fulfilling to see the tiny hands sow the seeds of the future and their innocent laughter filling up the space. We wish to thank our amazing volunteers, and friends, who made this drive a success.

Inchara has been involved in various sustainability projects in past, including Bellandur lake conservation along with the Bangalore Environment Trust team to convert wastelands into oxygen banks. During the pandemic, we continued our efforts at an individual level through our Pledge Campaign to plant trees in local community and conducted virtual workshops to promote home gardens on terraces and balconies.    
Come, volunteer, and be part of the Inchara team and be part of our Pledge to Plant Initiative!

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