Inchara Environment

Inchara Environment promotes sustainability through its programs, to conserve the environment. 

Heritage Tree Plantation Program

Heritage trees are an integral and valuable part of our natural and cultural landscape. Many heritage trees are endangered today for various reasons such as neglect, lack of knowledge on conservation, or threats from increasing urban development. This program will help to protect these heritage trees.  

  • Partnered with Bangalore Environment Trust (BET) we are trying to strengthen the legal measures aimed at conserving trees of heritage 
  • Engage in and contribute to activities such as native tree plantation drives  
Lake Restoration Program

Lake ecosystems are vital resources for aquatic wildlife and human needs, and any alteration of their environmental quality and water renewal rates has wide-ranging ecological and societal implications. Urban encroachment of habitat, sewage or wastewater discharge into the lakes and waste dumping in or around it affects the conditions of the lakes. Lake restoration has become very important in today’s time. This program aims to bring a lake back to or closer to anthropogenically undisturbed conditions. 

  • Work with our partners to restore lakes and water bodies  
  • Organize and participate in drives aimed at lake restoration 
Green School Program

The Green Schools Program’s objective is to inspire students to move beyond theories and textbooks and concentrate solely on ‘doing’. The school will promote environmental conversations, protection, and green extra curriculum projects and activities.  

  • The green school is an environmental extra-curriculum program directed to subtly sensitize students toward fellow inhabitants of our planet and to the environment through hands-on and thought-provoking activities.  
  • The Sustainable Green School Model is ‘clean and green’ with green backyard orchards, agroforestry, vegetable, kitchen gardens, and herbal garden. 
  • A green school may also create its alternate green energy (i.e., solar energy).  

Environment Campaigns

Inchara Volunteers at the Tree Plantation at the Satish Dhawan’s Community Biodiversity Park

Inchara has partnered with Bangalore Environment Trust to take up various projects for Heritage Tree Plantation & Lake Conservation. On 20th March 2021 Inchara volunteers carried out their first lake preservation activity along with the BET team and the local Bellandur community to convert the wastelands of Satish Dhawan’s Community Biodiversity Park into an oxygen bank. 

 A stretch of roughly 18 acres of land has been used to plant more than 2000 saplings of indigenous, medicinal plants like Arjuna, Peepal, Jamun, Banyan, etc. This green stretch will be the region’s oxygen bank and will help in mitigating the menace of pollution and miasma in the air.  

Presently, a 340-meter stretch is curated as a prototype which will be expanded and replicated in the coming days for the entire wasteland. The initial prototype that is currently being rolled out under the seasoned guidance of Shri Yellappa Reddy is expected to be a potential carbon sink for the area because the stretch will be adorned by plants that will help purify the air. 

Inchara Organizes Pledge Campaign 

The second Covid-wave is still at large in India, and we are all confined within the walls. But the lockdown has made catastrophic impacts on the lives of the less fortunate. Inchara had organized a pledge campaign for the month of July 2021. We asked all Incturites and Inchara volunteers to pledge for something they believe in and they can work towards the cause from their homes.  The pledges were in 3 avenues- COVID relief, education, and environmental sustainability. The volunteer who achieves most pledges will be awarded the Most Sustainable Volunteer.

We have proposed a set of pledges in each field that can be undertaken from home or while remaining socially distanced and safe. Some of our pledges were to share knowledge, spread awareness about sustainability, and helped to challenge the taboo against vaccination. Some volunteers chose to take one pledge while some went for two or even three. Each and every volunteer had put immense effort toward fulfilling their pledge. 

Ekata Mehul is awarded as Inchara’s Most Sustainable Volunteer. Ekata Mehul is the Director and CEO at Orena Solutions and Blazing Arrows Pvt. Ltd. She is heavily invested in the field of education and through the duration of our July 2021 Pledge Campaign, Ekata had taken on three education pledges.

  • She pledged to read two articles regarding education and sustainability.
  • She pledged to share a social media post about education
  • She pledges to walk 1000 steps a day to contribute to education.

Inchara draws immense inspiration from these superheroes in the real world, and we aspire to contribute, converse and conserve our society and environment in every way possible.